Trail Blazers

I’m developing a list of Trail Blazers from the financial services industry and what they did to build the profession to what it is today.

  1. Gwen Fletcher – played a pivotal role in establishing the IAFP in Australia and the Certified Financial Planner designation from the USA
  2. Greg Devine – First President of the Financial Planning Association of Australia
  3. Ted Thacker – Instrumental in changing the FPA to a CFP membership base
  4. Bob Nixon – First to receive full Dealer’s Licence from Victorian Corporate Affairs in 1970s and Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table
  5. Graeme Morgan – founder of Sealcorp and ASGARD Master Fund
  6. Blair Stephens – creator of the first ever Australian owned financial planning software – Sealcorp’s The Intelligent Portfolio
  7. James Doogue – Instrumental in setting up the FPA’s CFP education program
  8. Matthew Rowe – FPA Chairman and founding Director of FASEA
  9. Bruce Baker – Founder of the Boutique Financial Planning Principals Group
  10. Ray Griffins – Youngest FPA Chair of the Financial Planning Assocation
  11. Barry Lambert – Founder of Count
  12. Steve Helmich – Instrumental in establishing AMP’s Horizons Financial Planning Academy.
  13. Robert MC Brown
  14. Louise Biti – creator of Age Care advice in Australia
  15. Mike Taylor – Launched the first ever Australian magazine dedicated to financial planning industry – Money Management Magazine

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