I am a founding member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (1989) and one of Australia’s first Certified Financial Planners (No. 200).  There are now more than 190,000 CFPs world wide.

The FPA has published very little information of its history except for media releases and articles contained in magazines.  During my time as a Board Member (2006-2016) I started a blog on the history of the FPA.  It’s a bit out of date and some of my blogging needs a rewrite but I have given access to the following posts:

  1. International Association of Financial Planning: Founded in the United States in 1969, as International Association of Financial Planners. Name changed 1982. Merged with (US) Institute of Certified Financial Planners, 1 Jan 2000, to become Association for Financial Planning (FPA).
  2. Australian Society of Investment Planners Association (ASIFA) : https://fpahistory.wordpress.com/1988/11/
  3. FPA Timeline from 1983:  https://fpahistory.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/fpa-timeline/
  4. CFP Timeline from 1986: Image below
  5. FPA References: https://fpahistory.wordpress.com/references/


Certified Financial Planner education time line since 1986:


The Certified Financial Planner program in 2020 has the following structure and eligibility criteria.

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