As a 24 year old Dealer’s Representative with a brief case full of investment funds, I had no experience, a lot of trust in my limited Securities Institute Course and hope that the stock market boom would go forever.  It didn’t.

With just three months of investment experience including purchasing my first home in Bullcreek, I faced the stock market crash of 1987 along with a few clients that trusted me to invest their money.  Interest rates were 18% per annum and I had a mortgage!

I moved to my new role as State Manager with Scottish Amicable in 1988 and took my clients with me.  We had access to Colonial Mutual’s life time annuities which paid 16% interest for the rest of your life.  Wow.  It was a great return for those brave people that invested what they had left after the 1987 stock market crash.

My career was a priority.  I wanted to be the best financial planner I could be so I moved to Sydney to work with RetireInvest, one of the premier Dealer’s Licence in Australia at the time.  I did my studies travelling on a train from Wollongong to Sydney and finally qualified as a Certified Financial Planner number 200 in Australia in 1992.


After travelling back to Perth to be with my family and get married, my career took me to set up my own business and Dealer’s Licence in 1999.  It’s a big responsibility to be trusted with other people’s money but the rewards are endless.  Every cloud has a silver lining and there’s nothing like solving problems to help clients.

Many property and sharemarket crashes have occured since 1987.  These crashes have made my experience deeper in more ways than I could have imagined.

Mentoring young 24 year old’s to be the best financial planner they can be is one of my favourite roles in this profession.

2003 FPA