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I provide a bespoke business service to financial planning practices to help principals remain in business in the best interests of their clients.

Board of Advice

Do you have a Board of Advice in your firm? If not, why not?

A board of Advice will give you frank and honest advice on the services you deliver to achieve your client’s goals and objectives.

There are at least 40 steps to follow to avoid breaking the law when providing advice.

Your Board of Advice can help you make great business decision to keep in step with the regulations and laws.

I can help you set up your Board of Advice with a recommendation for the appointment of board members and a Terms of Reference for your business.

Back-test your Advice

Separately if you have missing documents and files to comply with the 40 steps to provide advice, let me help you back-test your advice to prove your advice has helped the client achieve their Goals and Objectives.

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