Sample Terms of Engagement Letter

Code of Ethics: Standard 4

says you may act for a client only with the client’s free, prior and informed consent.

This link to a sample Terms of Engagement letter, although written in 2011 prior to the introduction of FASEA Code of Ethics has a good balance of information for the client and a list of possible services and a fee for service disclosure.

The Financial Planning Association has another version. Please contact me to receive a copy here>

Code of Ethics: Standard 7

says that you must satisfy yourself that any fees and charges in connection with acting for the client are fair and reasonable and represent value for money for the client.

This link to Peloton Partners’ Rob Jones provides some insight on how to Discover the Right Fee by unpacking the services you provide and making you feel proud of them.

How to Measure Your Value and Quantify It | riskinfo » News

For more information, please contact me here>

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