Podcast: Financial Planning in Australia

Financial planning as a career in Australia by Julie Matheson, CFP

There are more than 20,000 registered financial planners/advisers in Australia and we are all in this together to develop the profession.

Financial planning is a profession in its own right and has evolved in Australia since 1982 when the first Dealer’s Licence was issued.

The profession has a fiduciary duty and a Code of Ethics just like medical practitioners to provide quality advice in the best interests of the client. Quality advice is necessary for the mental health and well being of all Australian consumers.

Research shows that financial stress is one of the leading causes of depression and PTSD and can be linked to low self esteem and domestic violence. The financial planning profession has a significant role to guide and advise consumers on the management of their financial affairs to make wise decisions and avoid financial stress.

Financial planners have great analytical and problems solving skills. They have an ability to analyse financial data and provide options to solve problems. One of the best qualities is their ability to help Australian consumers achieve their financial goals and objectives using a wide range of resources and management tools to monitor and intervene when necessary.

Of course financial planners also understand and study investment markets to make the best choices in superannuation, property, shares and cash.

Certified Financial Planner®
There are more than 190,000 financial planners globally using the trademark Certified Financial Planners CFP® including here in Australia. The designation is owned and controlled by the FPSB from the United States.

The CFP® designation is offered by the Financial Planning Association of Australia which provides education, career advice and continuing professional development to achieve CFP® status.


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